Refutations: Cocky Bastard and Mom


  • Cocky Bastard and Mom Blog are not based in the UK.
  • Many of the sites in the Evening Standard article have been around for ages, and are popular and well known. If you want to find out more about UK webloggers, then go to Jen’s GBlogs page.
  • The Sun is a rampagingly right wing paper and should not be trusted to give a fair appraisal of the functioning of the government. The World Bank gave the government’s handling of the economy their equivalent of a gold star just a few months ago. Many things they may be, but unprofessional and incompetant with money they are not.
  • If tax revenue goes down then public services have to have less money. That has to be obvious, right? The fact that other countries may spend less on public services, or get their tax revenues from different things does not undermine the fact that less money = less spending (unless you’re the US of course).
  • “The British” didn’t decide to follow the French example in the fuel protests. Certain members of certain British industries followed the French example. Most of the people who support the protests haven’t yet stopped to consider why the most recent price rises have taken place (OPEC) or what would happen to income tax or public services (for example) if the duty was cut.
  • S Club 7 release their most musically accomplished single to date? No comment
  • Some people do not think that the criteria for winning awards should be financial success, but should be based upon criteria of quality. Can you imagine automatically giving the Best Picture Oscar to the film that did the most business at the box office? This is Child of Thatcher stuff!
  • Copyrights, while being troubling at times, basically allow people to make money out of their ideas without having them stolen by other companies and or individuals. This allows people to make a living out of their creativity. It’s ironic. I’m much more for sharing money and keeping ideas.