Thoughts on the finalé of

Thoughts on the finalé of Big Brother UK:

  • The Adverts
    All this week they have been playing adverts on the TV which have been trying to make it very (absurdly) clear that when you voted this time you were voting for the person you wanted to win, not the person you wanted to be evicted.

  • The Sun
    Still not sure whether it’s true or not – does anyone know if The Sun and Big Brother had an arrangement to try to make Craig win?

  • The Gay Press
    For the first time, I really saw a hell of a lot of support for Anna in the gay press over the last couple of weeks. It’s like the whole community finally realised that she was in with a chance of winning.

  • Anna loses by 1%
    I know that there was a two percent gap between her and Craig, but if you think about it there couldn’t have been a 1% one and still keep to clean integers. If Anna had got one percent more, then they would have pretty much tied for the prize.

  • The different edits
    The different edits between the episodes of the last week and the omnibus seem to me to have a less flattering view of Craig in the latter than in the former. Clearly there is different footage in the omnibus as a result of the extra time it has, but it seems much more pro-Anna than the earlier one.

  • Speculation
    That the people behind big brother were surprised by the way the voting was turning out, believed it to be an error on the part of the general public, and put out strong adverts to try and rectify the situation. That the reason that they were surprised was because Anna was doing extremely well (possibly because of increasing interest within the gay community). That the final edits before the weekend were used to show Craig in as positive a fashion as possible, considering the situation.

Unfortunately, although the logic seems relatively clear to me at the moment, that could be because I thought that Anna was basically decent, normal, nice, fun and pleasant, while Craig had the wit and charm of a potato.