Where to start? I have

Where to start? I have so much I want to talk about again – it’s like this holiday has recharged my weblogging glands. Or maybe it’s just that I’m doing something other than work. And I don’t like writing about work.

Yesterday was another relaxing, mildly pointless day. I got up late, mucked around on the net and then went and met Pippa for lunch at Pizza Express off Soho Square. We talked a lot about her recent trip to Egypt, her love life, our various job situations, our friend Rachel in Bristol who we are going to be visiting next weekend, and a variety of other subjects.

We then went and saw O Brother, Where Art Thou? in Leicester Square, which we thoroughly enjoyed. And on the way back to the tube, we went into Virgin so I could pick up a copy of the soundtrack, which is a satisfyingly extreme change of pace for me.

An evening of Big Brother UK TV programs followed, and the day was capped off with a late-night conversation with Kate and Mella about professional matters, and men in America who taste funny.