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A Metafilter for London and the UK?

Reasons for Matt Haughey to assemble / or [Regional Metafilters?]

  1. British webloggers are the single largest group of English language webloggers outside the US.
  2. British webloggers are unable to participate in the large blocks of American-specific content that Metafilter currently provides (the election has brought that into focus).
  3. Without wanting to sound all corporate, Matt has developed an effective brand and an easy to use, functional site that does exactly what it says on the tin.
  4. There has been discussion about setting up a similar kind of site in the UK – but my feelings are that in this circumstance if we went with we would be helping an individual extend a useful site – a site that might in time develop worldwide – while simultaneously having functionality, look and feel and an ethos that we respect. And any possible improvements to the concept and function could be implemented simultaneously over all the sites. It’s like with – the community helps the project because we find it interesting and we know the person involved. Any one of us might come up with a great idea like Metafilter, and it would be nice to think that if that happened, our colleagues and friends from other weblogs would help us develop it to its full potential.

Are you with me?