Gang of Mimes, Gang of Clones…

Film recommendation: The Warriors (1979) [*]. I watched The Warriors on TV last night, and I’ve never seen anything as funny in my entire life. Imagine New York in the late 70s. Imagine all the gangs are trying to find eight members of a rival gang on the streets of Manhattan. OK so far?

Now imagine that every gang wears themed dress. And not any themed dress. But gay themed dress. So you get gang members running around half-naked except for red leather waistcoats. Other gangs wear black leather peaked caps, chaps and have ‘taches. And then there’s the gang of mimes. And the gang who look like Little League Baseballers, only sponsored by Kiss. And then there’s the Evil Brady Bunch Dungaree Wearing Roller-Gang, and evil Lesbian gang “The Lizzies”. A classic movie. Up there with Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.