On receiving a delightful surprise from Lance Arthur

9am: There are stirrings in the flat. Kate has decided to get up early and is in the sitting-room talking to her mother on the phone. The acoustics of the flat mean that, despite the fact that the sitting room is at the other end of the building, almost all of her words are completely clear. I wake up, feel like I’m intruding and immediately turn on some John Lennon so that I can’t hear what she is saying. I have to be careful though, because I don’t want to wake up my other flatmate in the next room.
10am: It’s no good. I’m awake, and I might as well just admit it. Kate’s still on the phone, but I can’t hear more than a mumble, so I decide to read the book I bought yesterday. It’s really enjoyable, but I’m a bit groggy and disorientated so it’s not really sinking in. I feel kind of grumpy – like I’ve woken up in an environment that is rife with tension. There’s no reason to feel that way. But all these feelings fade in a moment when Kate knocks on the door and hands me a package from Amazon. Opening it, I am amazed to discover that it is a Random Act of Kindness from Lance Arthur – a copy of The Iron Giant on DVD along with a slightly cryptic, but very sweet message.
11am: My whole mood has changed now – I feel really cheerful and relaxed. It’s just such a nice thing to do out of the blue. I am going to e-mail him immediately and tell him what a difference it has made to my day. All gifts should be given like this – there shouldn’t be the pressures of Christmas to make giving something worthwhile – you shouldn’t feel obliged. So I’m going to carry on this sentiment and go and find someone elses Amazon wishlist and give them a gift out of the blue – maybe we can keep this going all around the net…