I don't want to go

I don’t want to go on too much about the Age of Consent issue on this site, because I think everyone knows my opinion on the matter. So instead I will talk about a site which alleges that it wishes to get other people’s opinions on the matter: Sponsored by the people who want to keep an unequal age of consent, it includes this page where you can vote: Vote on the age of consent debate.

Quite apart from the fact that the question is heavily loaded to completely miss the point of the whole exercise, the questionaire requires you to fill in your name, postcode and sexual orientation. One wonders why they want this information, and what it is used for once they have it. Certainly I’m not comfortable giving my name and address to homophobic right-wing bigots. Still, thankfully it doesn’t seem to have had the slightest impact on the voting, which is sizeably (59/49) in favour of equalisation. Suck on that, Baroness Young.