Barbelith gets a mention from Disinformation

Hey – apparently barbelith got mentioned in Disinformation‘s regular broadcast e-mail. Here is the piece in full:

“Disinfo is the only site I know that will publish the weird juxtapositions like we have today: an adolescent tryst gone wrong,
and a profile of a brutal dictator who has evaded justice. I wish I could convince you that such editorial policies were really magical applications of Dr. Stephen Edred Flowers’ “Polarian Method”, but really, they occur because of chaos. If you’ve read James Gleick’s tome, maybe you should check out “The Invisibles” comic series by
Grant Morrison. And if you already know what I’m talking about, why not drop by and say hiya to our friends at Barbelith (, surely one of the Internet’s coolest meeting places.

Consider me uber-chuffed. Note to self: try to make the upcoming barbelith webzine as unlike disinformation as it is possible to be without defeating purpose of self.