Via Jason I have stumbled

Via Jason I have stumbled upon the user pages for Jeff Bezos on Bizarrely, these pages include his personal wishlist as well as a whole stack of reviews of (amongst other things) the binoculars he likes. And while you are there perhaps you would feel like buying the cheery multi-millionaire a Zircon 50793 Studsensor Pro 4.0 or a Star Trek electronic key chain (three types requested).

It makes you wonder whether there are other web celebrities or dare I say it … real celebrities out there with wishlists. I’d love to send Robert Downey Jnr a present. E-mail me if you can find other famous wishlists. It really is astonishing the kind of insight you can get into someone from what they ask for. Which reminds me, I must send a thank-you note to Lance Arthur.