From the… To the…

OK. I really have to get my fat arse in gear, so I’m going to kind of write this in a hurry. Warning: Life Recap [If you are not interested in hearing about what I spend my time doing then stop reading this post (indeed this site) immediately.] Everything is kind of happening at once at the moment. I didn’t think I was going to be working today, but then yesterday afternoon someone at Arehaus asked me to come in for another half-day. Which, you know, is a nice extra piece of money. But it is just the latest addition to a whole mad spectrum of weird shit that’s been occupying my head. From two separate friends wanting me to go to birthday parties tonight and tomorrow night, to a friend in Bristol who has persuaded me to go and visit her instead of going to those parties, to my attempt to rationalise two separate companies working practices, to my father ringing up with advice from my brother’s god-father (an accountant), to my mother ringing up this morning asking if she and my brother could see me today if they travelled the hundred miles from Norfolk, to the builders waking me up with loud incomprehensible conversation on the fourth floor of the scaffolding that is directly outside my bedroom window, to the performace of Romeo and Juliet I went to see last night, which my flatmate worked on, and which wasn’t very brilliant, but had lots of hot men with few clothes on, to the kebab I ate (chicken) which really didn’t work well, and the cold I can’t get rid of, and the fact that I don’t have any dry clothes and have to pack and get to work by midday having paid in two cheques, and gone to the laundrette, to all the bills I can’t pay, and all the ones I don’t want to pay, and all the things surrounding me that I don’t understand and find confusing. I need a social secretary.