I don't even know where

I don’t even know where to begin talking about last night’s Singalonga Birthday Party. I had a tremendously good time – that much I am sure about. We all met up outside around six to make sure we all got tickets. People turned up that I haven’t seen in ages. It was great to see Emma and Katy and Matt and Fran and Rebecca and Nick and Meg and Danny and Davo and Phil and Michael and Luke and Pippa and Chrusty and everyone else I’ve momentarily forgotten.

The show was, as usual, tremendous. Most of us seemed to enjoy ourselves – belting out songs with as much force as our little lungs could grant us. Even those people who hadn’t seen the film before (and there were a couple) seemed to have a great time as well. We fell out of the cinema around 11.30pm, exhausted and flushed and (in my case at least) incredibly bouncy.

I also ended up with the most astonishing bag of goodies ever, and I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone. Thanks to Davo for the album, Danny for the musical card, Pippa for the chocolates, Meg for the incredible original ER set script, Rebecca for the … whistle, Luke for the novel, Matt and Fran for the other novel, and Michael for the other other novel. You’re all stars. Plus thanks to Simon for the album delivered this morning. I’ve made out like a bandit.