The new Apple device is

The new Apple device is announced today in the US, and I’m surprised by how interested I am. Perhaps foolishly I thought I was past getting excited by press releases. If you’re a journalist for any period of time you get used to them and find them at best tedious and at worst laughable. That doesn’t mean you don’t use them of course – there aren’t enough journalists to do all the editorial work that journalists are supposed to do.

Part of me wishes that they’d release something like this – the world’s first actual ‘gaydar’ product, designed to make it easier to spot and meet people of dodgy sexualities. Apple could do it so much more skillfully than most – and they could combine it with online profiles so you could get information about people you met in real life afterwards – if they wanted you to… All this stuff could be ideal for people like me who are basically too dim to tell if someone fancies them, and very keen to suggest dodgy congress with people who are resolutely – tediously – straight.