Back to basics…

It has come to the notice of the autocracy of that Tom Coates has been remarkably slack in updating and maintaining the site of late. Tempted as we are to fire him and employ someone rather more dedicated to the cause, we have instead decided to force him to undertake a few small projects in the run up to the new year. If you would like to participate in these projects, then you should feel free…

Tom Coates Explains Everything: As someone once said – good content on the cheap… Have you got a question for Tom? Would you like to see your name in sparkly lights? Ask him anything about the world and he will supply you with an answer… Warning: Answer may be incorrect. May cause bleeding. Ask Tom a dumb question

A year in plastic: Are you a long-standing reader? What do you consider the best bits of crap Tom has written over the last year? If you are incorrect you will experience a small, but noticeable, electric shock. Evaluate Tom’s crap

Is Tom’s life interesting enough to maintain a weblog, or should he just lie? Yes, it’s interesting enough, dammit | Lie to us, you loser | The question is bunk – you leave out all the interesting bits

Upcoming features: (as soon as I can sort out my scanner and Photoshop…) Pictures of Tom and his brother in the snow! A photo of an amusing funeral home! And a brand new sparkling design for the best Plastic Bag site on the net (apart from and!