And the frustration continues… A

And the frustration continues… A good meal after the frustrations of this morning, everything was looking shiny and new – and more important manageable. But it only takes one e-mail to throw everything up in the air again and leave me dealing with potential financial collapse.

I have a huge overdue bill for web-hosting to deal with at the moment. It was supposed to be paid at the beginning of the month, but uncleared cheques meant that it turned up in my inbox several days later – unpaid. By the time this had happened, it looked like I would have to wait until I got paid the final time for my last full-time job. Although this meant leaving things to the last possible minute, it should have worked – except I didn’t count on not getting paid by any of the people I’ve recently worked for in time for the end of the month.

In essence this means that both and may disappear on or shortly after the first of the month – precisely the same time, in fact, that my rent will fail to clear. This is not the right way to live one’s life.