I can't be the only

I can’t be the only person in the world who finds bits of Movable Type endlessly frustrating. You try and import two and a half years of Blogger entries, and it chokes almost immediately. Or to be more precise, Pair chokes on it. And it chokes half-way through carefully organised files you’ve made so that you can import in chunks. And when that happens you can’t easily go and find the entries that are part of the last batch, because it can’t render the list of entries in its entirety without (surprise) choking on it. Because you see, there’s no ‘next page’ link on the entries page – instead you have to show all entries.

And when it’s importing from more than one file, it doesn’t import them in a logical order that I can see, so you duplicate some file’s entries and miss others completely. And when you get too frustrated with the process, and reconcile yourself to using Blogger until you die, and you try to delete the blog you’ve created, choke once more, throwing up endless server errors until you finally want everyone surrounding you to die and are spitting chunks and throwing strops. This can’t be right. This is all wrong. Surely.