And while I'm at it,

And while I’m at it, I think it’s about time I griped about Blogger. It’s a wonderful democratic piece of software that I’ve used without paying a penny since the day it launched (apart from a tiny donation once). I love it. It’s changed my life.

But will someone please explain to me why you can’t do a permalink for a day instead of just an entry?! It makes no sense! You have a variable for the archive page’s file name. You have date formats that would work well as internal links on a page. Why then is it impossible to put the archive page tag in the date header!? Why doesn’t that work!? It should work! And it would immediately increase the adaptability of the service!

And it would mean we could all make site’s that work like Jason’s if we wanted to, without killing ourselves fighting with bloody Movable Type, which I also love but is still frustrating me beyond human belief.