On Premium Blogger…

Now that someone has actually broken the news on a site (rather than just on a mailing list), I think it’s time I gave my opinion on the proposed “Premium Blogger” that is rumoured to cost $30 a year. Bear in mind that at the time of posting, there has been no word from Pyra on this app. There’s a discussion over at Metafilter, but here’s my take on it as posted to UKBloggers:
“The big question then is going to be do you have any idea about
how this premium stuff is going to work?
I had a long conversation with megnut when she was still with
blogger about what their plans were with Blogger Pro – which
this sounds very much like – and the big issue seemed to be
what you’re getting people to pay for…
For example – are you paying for a premium membership with
as many blogs as you like? In which case how do you stop
people disseminating the log-in details to run a hundred blogs
from the same account? If you ARE running a premium blog – do
other people who are allowed to post on the same blog have to
pay to use it? Is there a difference between a user who runs fifty
blogs each with a thousand posters on each and one who runs
one weblog which he posts to every month. Etc. etc.
“There are many more questions – particularly for people whose
sites consist of several blogs bolted together…
“I’d pay in an instant. Particularly for extra functionality. But I’m
interested in what the service will include. I think there are
various ways they could go… five blogs perhaps with a maximum
of twenty users between them (for example) would be a good
system as far as I was concerned. But there WILL be
consolidation of individuals using them.
“Having said that it’s still better to have three users paying $10
each than three users paying nothing…”