Help me fix my bloody permalinks…

Go forth my minions! Perhaps you could resolve the biggest gripe that people have about the new design – the lack of attractive looking permalinks. The problem is code-related – I have always scrupulously placed paragraph tags around each and every one of my posts on Unfortunately this means that unless I want my permalinks to sit in another paragraph after or before each post, it’s very difficult to format them. What I would really like is to have the permalinks as little floating circles to the left or right of the main content box, but every attempt I make to produce them results in a huge and unsightly gap between posts.

The Rules:

  • Remember, a post may be more than one paragraph long! You have to preserve the spacing between paragraphs.
  • This whole thing could be done pretty easily with tables, but let’s face it – tables are retro-tech. is almost entirely CSS and your solution should be too.
  • The best solution (shown to me on another site) gets the mother of all links for a week. Something really big and sexy, plus – er… $10 in their Paypal accounts if they have one.