There's a book called Running

There’s a book called Running Weblogs with Slash. For a little while this confused me. Why would anyone need a book for that? But then – of course, revelation – and I realised that you’d probably need a guidebook as to how to persuade his agent to let him do it, ways to placate him when he got a bit drunk and mad, ways to stop the other members of Guns ‘n’ Roses turning up at your place of work every twenty minutes asking to scab a fiver.

  • Wednesday, February 20
    Today Slash and I went to the shops. And we had the best time!!! I guess that just goes to show that we’re really good friends after all. Slash got some fish fingers and I splashed out on some Tartare sauce. He nearly burnt his hair on the way out of the newsagents. God it was so funny. He showed me his new smiley earlier today – it’s great – I;{P – I think it sums him up perfectly. Except for the moustache, which I don’t really get. We’ll have a party when we get home, Slash says. He’s my best friend.
  • Tuesday, February 19
    Slash won’t put the toilet seat down after going to the bathroom. He’s driving me insane.
  • Monday, February 18
    Slash went to some big party yesterday and when he got home he was really drunk. I wouldn’t normally mind, but I live here too, y’know? The most annoying thing was that when I got up I had to remove all his stringy bits of hair from the shower plug-hole to stop it overflowing all over the floor. Honestly, I don’t think people know what it’s like living with an ex-rock god. Aren’t my needs important?! I had to get to Kinko’s by ten this morning as well…
  • Saturday, February 16
    Today Slash said he thought Nick Jordan was the best British weblogger. How wrong can a guy be!? I keep trying to tell him that it’s clearly not going to be Nick Jordan. It’s GOT to be Graybo. Slash drank quite a lot after our argument, trashed the hotel room and refused to let me play Unreal Tournament on his PS2 even though he didn’t really want to watch Futurama on Fox. I hate him when he’s like this. In the end I had to get my Mom to ring him up on his cellphone when he was in the bath. I heard all this laughing from the bathroom, so I guess he’s forgiven me… Mom’s sure ringing a lot nowadays…