It's time for a purge

It’s time for a purge of the links-bin:

  • Helping Buffy to slay her Financial Demons
    “Buffy Summers has made a lot of mistakes in her short life — she lost her virginity to a vampire, for Pete’s sake! — and her latest error could have long-lasting effects: She didn’t consult a financial planner.”

  • Computers that improve themselves
    “Evolution had left five logic cells unconnected to the rest of the circuit, in a position where they should not have been able to influence its workings. Yet if Thompson disconnected them, the circuit failed. Evidently the chip had evolved a way to use the electromagnetic properties of a signal in a nearby cell. But the fact is that Thompson doesn’t know how it works.”

  • Popular Questions from “Understanding Male Sexuality”
    “A share of the group are what I term the “true” bisexuals – actively engaging in sex with both male and female partners. Many of these guys, however, are very unhappy emotionally.”

  • The Captain’s Unofficial Justice League Homepage
    “It all began in the winter of 1940 with the third issue of All-Star Comics. That issue contained a simple story by today’s standards – a group of heroes meeting together to discuss and swap stories.”

  • Tom looks like Pop Idol Will
    It’s not true, I tells ya…