Today is Online Community News

Today is Online Community News day at plasticbag towers. Regular updates through next couple of hours:

    More than you could ever legitimately need to know about streaming video and audio media.
  • CNN Community no more
    Looks like it’s been like it for a while, but CNN has completely closed down the vast majority of its community operations, leaving only occasional hosted webchats and as-and-when-necessary news-event related message-boards. This is probably because the page impressions these parts of sites provide are not worth the same financially – people using online communities don’t tend to click on adverts – and the legal worries and moderation costs.
  • Top Ten Trends for Online Communities
    Particularly interesting survey of the Community sectors that are actually making money – including ‘search’, ‘education’ and ‘trading’ communities.
  • Future uncertain for feedback sites
    The most depressing part of the dot-com boom for me will always be that people miss the fact that the internet at the moment is a relatively low-cost, low-overhead environment. And great sites like Epinions still end up relatively over-staffed and expected to produce huge profits. It’s not going to happen. I still have one issue with Epinions – one that I think is core – you can ask for an opinion about a toaster oven, but if you want to know which is the best toaster oven under a certain price, you have to dig around for hours. Makes no sense to me…
  • Estats: Online Communities
    A fairly strange and motley set of statistics about the inter-relationship of IRL groups and the involvement of individuals who experience them online.
  • What happened when plastic came back
    A couple of months ago resurfaced. And what were the first reactions…? Pretty much what you’d expect…