Going to see the Breeders…

In which Tom goes to see The Breeders:
I don’t go to concerts very often. When I was a teenager I was too lame, when I was in my early twenties I wanted to do it all the time but I only liked crappy indie groups (still do mostly) and so while everyone else was going to raves and stuff I went to occasional concerts by Stereolab and Julian Cope. And then I started teaching undergraduates, so I kind of stopped going. Too old. Felt ridiculous.

I went to see The Breeders tonight with Cal and had a great time. I last saw them in concert in Bristol about eight years ago and since they haven’t really released a lot since then, most of the people in the audience had got all old and saggy with me. Which was quite nice actually. All their songs are two minutes long and don’t really make much sense, but they have really nice solid bouncy drums and nice stop-start chunky guitar bits and they smoke cigarettes while playing and giggle at each other and bicker and it’s great! And they also played the theme tune to Buffy, which was really odd and then they dedicated a song in which one of the men shouted ‘We don’t care about you’ and then yelled Fuck you!. I love the Breeders.