On the Breeders' concert…

I wasn’t the only person I know at the Breeders concert last night. Chris was there too. Let’s search the web for some reviews and let’s search blogdom for more weblogging Breeders fans:

Reviews: Village Voice: “The Breeders finally released a new album, Title TK, on May 21. The CD’s mere existence is an accomplishment.” Cleveland Free Times: “Title TK sounds like a record that could have benefited from an extra yearís wait, and from the fresh insight and creative input that the new band members might have brought with them.” Phoeniz New Tims: “When focused, the Breeders can still pump out a hook that actually sticks ó “Has anyone seen the iguana?” the Deals repeatedly intone on “Sinister Foxx.” But the rest of TK sounds absolutely shell-shocked.”

Bloggers: “Friend: So I turn around at the bar and guess who’s standing next to me?
Me: Who? Friend: Kim Deal.”