On Cherry Coke…

My startling relevation of the day is that if you cut two cherries in half and place them with some ice at the bottom of a glass and pour Coke over the top, then you get a drink that’s remarkably like Cherry Coke – except a bit nicer. This has surprised me because I always assumed that Cherry Coke had almost nothing to do with either cherries or Coke.

Perhaps terrifyingly, there is a hell of a lot of information about Cherry Coke on today’s interhighweb of which I will only reference the highlights or the weirdshit. It turns out that Coca-Cola owns half of the world’s soft drink market and spends $1.6 billion on advertising – which makes it the world’s number six advertiser [link]. In 1913 another company was making a mint cola drink but noticed later on that people were becoming interested in the idea of cherry soda fountain beverages [link]. Although CherryCokeWorld has been taken down (at the request of the Coca-Cola company), you can actually still get into it by skipping directly to one of it’s internal pages. Which are – I must confess – weird and alarming. There are other weird cola sites too. Final fact: while Mo Morgan loves Cola-Cola, Cherry Coke makes him want to barf.