Curing Mo of Sinful Pride

There’s a weblogger of some reknown called Mo Morgan. Mo has created a useful resource for webloggers which is very much worthy of a link. I heard about this resource because Mr Morgan sent me an instant message mentioning that if I wanted to blog it, I could. He insisted that I didn’t have to link to it, or anything. Just that I could. So I asked if he wanted me to blog it. And he replied, “Not particularly. But if you wanted to, you can.” So I kind of leant back and said, “So you don’t want me to link to it, then?” And he come right back with, “No”.

So what’s going on here? Clearly Mr Morgan did want me to link to the resource in question. But it appears he’s too proud to actually ask me to do it. I pressed and I pressed – just ask me I said, and I will link to it. But he consistently replied, “No”. In fact by the end of the conversation he said, “No – Please don’t link to them…” So if Mr Morgan mentions his new resource to you, you know what to do… Let’s cure him of this sinful pride – make him beg