I've got that Friday feeling

Damn it. We’ve all been so good – working hard all week, trying to make a meagre crust to take home to our children, animals and additional dependants (adopted and virtual). I think we deserve to cut loose a little – don’t you? Punk style? So here’s my guide to ways to get completely over-excited about the dumb work week’s ending in fire and sparkly bits. Viva Las Weekend!

  • You could turn your computer up to eleven and prepare to rock out with Punk Kittens
  • Or you could stick a fork in the eye of Osama bin Laden (yawn)
  • Kill millions with dumb game three Hangomoto!
  • Do incomprehensible stuff at
  • Jump off the diving board at the Lido at – you won’t regret it.
  • And then when you’ve done all that, go and rock out with the Punk Kittens again. So good I linked ’em twice…