Do you want compulsory ID cards in the United Kingdom?

Do you want compulsory ID cards in the United Kingdom? I would hazard a guess that you don’t. If that’s the case then get over to now and do something about it:

Hands up everybody who’s really excited about the
introduction of universal Identity Cards for every man,
woman and child in the country!
No? Well, that can’t be right. Lord Falconer says that in one of
the widest ranging consultations conducted by a government,
they’ve been fair swamped
with positive endorsements of
the Government’s Entitlement Card plans.

With just a few
days to go before the end of the consultation, the Home Office is
saying that overall the public’s reaction is hugely positive.

The cynics amongst you might comment that that’s because the
only people who have been really gee-ed up about downloading
a 13MB PDF
(here’s the HTML version we knocked up),
scrutinising its every word and then writing up
their fascinating points of view are those with an axe to
grind about ID cards in the first place. Like the IT
companies who are desperate to sell the government a brand
new solution. Or the civil servants who’ve been hankering
after this massive simplification of their dozens of
databases for decades. Or the private companies like credit
agencies who would dearly love to have a single ID to store
all the data they’re collecting on you.