Steve Guttenberg is gay…

So Steve Guttenberg is gay. Except of course he probably isn’t gay. That bit might have been made up. Or an error, maybe. On my part. Don’t sue. I wish Steve Guttenberg was gay, because I had such a huge crush on him when I was fifteen. Not that that’s why I think he’s gay. Not that I do. Certainly not. Don’t sue.

The reason I (don’t) think Steve Guttenberg is gay is this article about him: Steve Guttenberg Takes on Rear Ends, Leonard Maltin, And Directing. The first thing I thought when I read this was are these journalists mocking Steve Guttenberg by saying that he’s gay? and the second thing I thought when I read it was are these journalists trying to communicate that Steve Guttenberg is gay because they know he is and he won’t say it out-loud? Not that he is gay, you understand. Don’t sue me.

Anyway – here are the things in the article that make me think that they’re trying to horribly mischaracterise Steve Guttenberg as being a big homo. First there’s the phrase “takes on rear ends”. No comment. Then there’s the fact that the movie he’s doing is about straight men and gay men living together. Then there’s this exhange: iW: By the way, before we hang up, do you want to share any personal information. I have no idea if you’re single or married? Guttenberg: Just single. iW: Single and available? Guttenberg: I don’t really talk about it.

Plus, you know, he has a blonde golden retriever called Sandy.