Casting the microcontent vote…

Today’s microcontent votes – to be recorded in turn by Blogdex, Daypop and Google (thus resulting in a certain increase in the statistically measured ‘worth’ of the linked-to artifacts in the world-wide infosphere) go to..

  • New Kids on the Blog
    A facile quotation from this profoundly trivial article: “Blogs are sparking lively debate in media circles about whether they constitute real journalism and whether they will siphon readers from traditional news publications, but that seems like hooey to me.” [via Megnut]

  • A dictator on the web
    It’s always nice to get a nice review, and I’ve got a particularly nice review over at an Australian news site today: “Plastic bag is a good name for this blog, which is a grab-bag of topics, ideas, personal and professional observations from one Tom Coates”. The only thing I’m uncomfortable about is being described as an ‘avowed anti-war blogger’. If only it were true – it would be nice to be so certain of things! The only things I’m definitely against are short-termist thinking, nationalism, cheap arguments and sloganeering.

  • Blackcore Weblog
    Since I got a nice review, I think it’s only fair to pass on the good vibes by giving someone else a pat on the back. So I’m going to recommend that everyone go and wander around Blackcore, which is a well-designed, well-structured and well-written weblog powered by Deep Black.

  • Cal builds too much
    The monstrous creature responsible for the backend of Barbelith, City Creator and Secret Santa is my mate Cal Henderson from Turns out he’s also responsible for every other page in the entire universe as well! Who knew!?

  • Outrage on Homophobic Bullying
    Of all the issues that bug the hell out of me, homophobic bullying at schools and the lack of education and support for young gay people is one of the ones that drives me most insane. Lots of worthwhile resources here that should be read by anyone seriously interested in making the world a better place in what should be relatively simple, easy ways (if it wasn’t for bigots and extremist religious idiots).

  • Map of the Muslim World
    If your taste in humour extends to the ultra-jet black as mine does, then you may find this cartoon map of the Muslim world organised by how ‘dangerous’ they are entertaining in a hollow laugh kind of way. Look out for the part ‘preoccupied with starvation’…