Cosmic Polling Booth, I praise thee…

  • Björk’s QuickTime Gallery
    Stunning Björkish videos presented in full through the magic and wonder of quicktime. Complete with small amounts of information about what exactly the tiny foreign lunatic was taking during filming.

  • The Les Dennis Experience!
    Indescribably funny kind-of-fan-site for the UK ‘comedian’ and Celebrity Big Brother Windbag. “Few people know that Les Dennis owns a big boat that is manned almost entirely by Dwarves! ‘Dwarves are easy to control and don’t expect much pay’ Les told us when we rang to confirm the rumours.” Warning: Stinking Rude Bits Unfit for Young ‘Uns.

  • NetNewsWire launches
    $30 for NetNewsWire Pro version 1. I’ll be downloading and paying for that tomorrow then. Anyone on a Mac who hasn’t already got it probably should and if you haven’t got OSX, then it’s worth getting it just to run NNW. In fact, I think it’s probably worth getting a Mac to run it. Excellent geeky goodness for all the weblog family…