On Doughnuts, Wifi, e-democracy and Section 28…

I wonder if it’s converting to Movable Type that means that I find it so hard to write. I wonder if it’s the fact that each entry gets its own full page to sit-upon that makes me nervous about short posts or fragments of life-commentary. I get this anxiety that I won’t be able to think of enough to say to warrant a full stark blank white page. And if I know I’ve got enough to say, then I get angsty because writing then becomes this significant job of work that really should take second-place to something more work-minded…

  • Could the Universe be shaped like a doughnut?
    A particularly good debate has arisen about the shape of the universe – does it infinitely extend in all directions or does it curve back upon itself? Cosmologists are always having these kinds of debates – just a few years back some nutters were trying to convince us that the world was spherical.

  • Wifi in Starbucks
    T-mobile extends its plans to put wireless internet access in Starbucks branches, but makes the UK prices four times as expensive as the US ones.

  • Tom Steinberg comments on UpMyStreet Conversations
    In the process he references an ongoing thread that criticises the site for reflecting the interests of its current users. In my opinion this represents a stunning misconception of the purpose of the site and ‘politics’ in general.

  • The increasingly brilliant politX posts about Section 28
    Section 28 is the piece of legislation designed to stop teachers talking to students about gay people and what it means to be gay. Conservative backbenchers are fighting to keep it in place, despite the fact that gay teenagers are most at risk of attempted (and successful) suicides.