Will Blogdex fix it for me?

Right. I’m on a mission. I’m wacked out on Dr Pepper and dog-related endorphins, I’ve just watched Mission Impossible on TV and I’ve got at least three posts I want to get written by eleven o’clock. Let’s be honest with each other for a moment – I’m not going to get any of them done if I fanny around ‘thinking’ about them or ‘trying to get the spelling right’. So let’s get on with it, shall we – starting with an appeal to the godhead of microcontent voting… “Please Mr Blogdex (if you haven’t done so already) could you fix it for these links to get absurdly popular?”

    I don’t know who the hell these people are, but they sure know how to make elegant and well-assembled real-time stat-checking web interfaces. Unlike places like or extreme stats, there’s no advertising, no monthly fee and your stats are all nice and password protected. More entertaining still is the fact that you can have a little Flash MX window open that shows you traffic to your site in real-time as it happens. It can’t possibly scale, of course, but it’s bloody nice now. Have a play while you still can…

  • Trash Addict
    This post is merely another part of my semi-regular plugging of Trash Addict as one of the most generally and genuinely entertaining weblogs out there. The reason I keep getting surprised by its excellence is that it (like so many other weblogs I’d like to read regularly) doesn’t have an RSS feed. So I can’t read it via NetNewsWire. This makes my reading of it more sporadic – with the weird side effect that I’m always surprised how good it is.

  • SETI project reaches next stage
    Any article that starts with the line, “After more than a million years of computation…” is going to be OK with me. In full-on web-geek Star-Trek loving, Farscape-missing dorky can’t-get-a-boyfriend mode, I find the SETI@home project endlessly fascinating and exciting. The idea that they’ve now got a reasonable assortment of potential signals from across the universe to investigate is ludicrously wonderful. Dear God, I hope that any aliens we find aren’t interested in quite smart, dextrous new beasts of burden. [More at Wired]