Links for a future generation…

I’ve given this post a pretentious title because I can never think of what to call these semi-regular link-log updates and there’s only so many ways you can use the phrase “Microcontent Vote” before someone tells you to get off your damn hobby-horse already.

  • Tom Tomorrow on US Domestic / Foreign Policy
    This one (and the one following) are way via BoingBoing which I’m reading more now since Cory took Webb and I to this neat Biker/Geek bar where they serve burgers.

  • Crazy Input Devices
    … including a vertical keyboard – again via new celebrity best friend and life-partner Cory Doctorow (“Tom Who?”, Cory). I quite want the vertical keyboard just to see people’s faces at work.

  • What if Jobs was one of us?
    Thanks to Mr Webb for pointing me Joy-of-Tech-wards for this Joan Osborne themed day. My friend Nick is obsessed with Joan Osborne. He says I should listen to her because it’s not all weird Christian pseudo-profound pap. I say, “Get a Job!”.