The Wiki Biography project…

Ok. This is a bit of an experiment in how bored people can get on Friday afternoons as well as a bit of collaborative editing fun. It’s also a way of avoiding having to do anything myself. Basically, I want you – the weirdos who are are dumb enough to read a weirdo who is dumb enough to write about stuff on the internet – to help me write my one-page site biography. It may sound self-indulgent, but I don’t care – I can’t write the damn thing myself, I’ve been trying for days.

First things first – here’s the current page on the site. It used to be a hell of a lot longer and self-indulgent and then I got uncomfortable with the level of information that it contained about some parts of my life. This came to a head when a fairly prominent warblogging site decided to do a competition in my name (The “Tom Coates Award for the Most Bloodthirsty Warblogger” or something). I edited the text right down to the simple paragraph we see today:

Anyway – since I decided to put up a link to that page from – essentially – every page of the site (as a way of explaining myself, I suppose), that simple paragraph doesn’t cut it any more. So I’ve co-opted a page on the Barbelith FAQs Wiki for a bit of collaborative writing.

To make this an easier / more entertaining process, I’m going to be available via AIM for the next few hours under the handle stinkbadger – so if you have any questions or want to ask anything, then you can just ask me directly!

I know it’s kind of a dumb idea, but I’ve been pulling my hair out for days over this – I just don’t know how to write the damn thing. Probably, no one will be interested. If it works, I’ll stick up the text (along with the names of anyone who I know worked on the thing in question) up on the site as soon as I get a moment. And if it doesn’t? What’s the worst that could happen? A few people get exposed to a Wiki. Not the worst thing ever…