Five asides…

Five asides:

  • Matt Jones on living in space
    “How many of you, like me, had shelves full of books full of images of suburban life being enjoyed on the edge of plexiglass toroid in geostationery orbit?” I did! In fact I had the very book that his featured photo comes from.
  • Technorati Search
    Nearly three years after Blogger’s internal search facility keeled over, we finally have a replacement – and one that will help you search 369,481 active sites.
  • Dark Side of the 80s
    I want this album. I want this album lots. It’s got Eloise by The Damned on it. That’s got to rock. I think it’s probably time for someone to buy it for me.
  • Danny sucks at DUX 2003
    In one of the funniest pieces of writing about professional life that I’ve read recently, Danny reveals precisely how badly he sucked on a panel discussion. Well worth a read.
  • Bumplist
    An interesting model this – a mailing list that can only have fifty people on it at any one time. As someone signs up, someone else is booted off. I lasted about ten hours on the list before I was ejected. In that time I sent one message and received one in return. I wasn’t overly impressed. More interesting, perhaps, would have been a model where if someone doesn’t post for four days (long weekend), they get booted off, freeing up a space for someone new. Otherwise, it’s more of a thought-experiment than a useful project.

Bugger it, I’m adding another couple because they’re just too damn good: