Weblogging Links…

A few interesting links about weblogs that have emerged recently (including a few about new-favourite-subject: permalinks) – many of these links taken from Many to Many:

  • Permalinks considered harmful
    “So basically, we have a nice concept of weblogs, but one of the key elements, permalinks, is being treated like a necessary evil, and hidden away. Some companies even break the permalinks on occasion; not even providing proper redirection. Clearly, some better solution is needed.”
  • Permalinks considered harmful discussion
    “Best thing I can come up with is a replacement of the permalink with an immediate ‘blog this’ embedded piece of javascript or something that rather than linking through to the post in question, triggers a posting window with the correct permanent link already filled in. But that doesn’t solve the problem of people wanting to throw entries around between themselves and their friends by e-mail…”
  • Blogs are not democratic
    “Blogs are therefore something which empowers the individual, the blogger, regardless of the wishes, and therefore the votes, of a collective who might wish to have a say in what a blogger writes. The correct analogy is therefore the market place..”
  • Blog Post Analysis
    “Blogs are different. They are made of blog-posts and not web-pages. So they have to be treated differently. The correct units when dealing with blogs are the blog-posts and their permalinks. Blog Post Analysis (BPA) is an attempt in building a platform for blog analytics by identifying and presenting the fundamental units of blogs, the blog-post.”