Catching up on the world of the future…

The new job is proceeding apace – I’ve spent more consecutive man-hours in meetings than ever before in my life. Or so it seems at least. The edges of the job are beginning to become clear, and it’s all terribly exciting. One consequence of this is that I’ve not been keeping up with the world very effectively. Another consequence is that I haven’t had a lot of time to look after Barbelith. I shall catch up with everything this weekend. In the meantime, here are some more links about weblogs:

  • Bloggers gain libel protection in the US
    An intriguing case about forwarded e-mail and editing has wide-ranging repercussions in the States for the legal implications of weblog content, e-mail lists and message-boads online;
  • Are weblogs author-first or content first?
    It seems clear to me that – for whatever reasons – the form of the weblog has been adopted primarily by individuals. Whether this is for good or ill, it’s now our responsibility to find the best ways to derive value from this state of affairs;
  • Blogchatter
    An iframe shows the latest activity around the weblog-world as derived from It may get take-up, but it’s essentially a nice little curiosity;
    Moblogging be-damned – picture messaging to weblogs is likely to be huge. If you can’t set it up centrally, you could always get a Typepad account and moblog into a javascript file that you could include into your main weblog. More on this as I get it working;
  • Should Old Media Embrace Blogging
    ├ČTraditional publishing is about putting on a show; building a network of weblogs is like hosting a party,├« says Simon Waldman, head of digital publishing at the Guardian.
  • Media Guardian 100 #94
    “The art of “blogging” – or web-logging – has been around almost as long as the internet itself. Techies have always kept online diaries, even if no one bothered to read them.”