A camera-phone retrospective…

Down the side of the sofa is the blue widget that connects my iBook to my phone. Since Vodafone or Sony Erickson or London’s weather or radioactive space emissions interfere so regularly with my ability to send picture messages, this blue widget is the only way I seem to be able to photos off my camera phone. Finding it down the side of the sofa, therefore, has suddenly unlocked my portable image stash.

For my thirty-first birthday, we hired a little chug boat from a place near my parent’s village. Rounding a corner we found ourselves looking directly at a wherry:

While I’m wandering around London, I often find myself taking snapshots of interesting bits of signage – bits of typography and design that trigger completely different reactions. It’s almost hard to believe that the stark and sombre marks on the Cenotaph were produced by the same frivolous elegant species that produced Art Nouveau. Here are five fragments of London signage:

And then there’s the pictures of people – oddly truncated, strangely cameo-shaped – like grunge passport photographs: