On Guardian "Second Sight"…

So there’s an article in today’s Guardian Online supplement that I wrote about weblog culture. I’m pretty happy with it – I think I managed to say most of what I wanted to say. I’m not sure it’ll convince anyone who isn’t already convinced, but it might start pushing the debate in a slightly different direction – away from “dumb vs. not dumb” and more towards “well we’re stuck with them, what do we do now“. I had to edit it down by a couple of hundred words to get in under the word limit, so if I get time I’ll stick up a full version at some point in the next few days. In the meantime, here’s a quick quote from Second Sight:

A future weblogging culture should be able to find counterpoints to arguments, to identify experts quickly and easily, and it should help good commentary bubble up effectively from new or low-trafficked sites. Mechanisms that help us know who to read, who to trust and who to ignore should be permeating the entire community invisibly and pervasively.