Shop-soiled linkages…

A few shop-soiled weblog-related links, since I’m in the mood:

  • Battle of the Blog
    The boiling fury that bubbles continually behind RSS (in all its versions) and ‘Echo’/’Pie’/’What-ev-er’ is extending into mainstream media space and is becoming ever more frustrating in the process. The worst part seems to be that everyone seems aware that every fight hurts everyone involved in it more than it helps any of them (and by extension – us) but there’s still no quarter asked or given.
  • On the weblog world as as a small town
    Phil’s always insightful and interesting and in this brief piece he identifies a clear feature of webloggery – that things you say are heard by the people you talk about. It’s like a small town he says. I’m not convinced by that – I wonder whether or not people just have rather better “ear-burning” senses (referrer logs for example).
  • Mac-friendly Weblogging Software
    The fact that this service was mostly built on a Mac is interesting but not really a feature you’d use as a basis for a marketing strategy, surely?
  • MovableBlog’s review of Typepad
  • Haughey takes Movable Type “Beyond The Blog”
    Movable Type really is an incredibly powerful little CMS, and it has so much potential. These simple weblog CMSs have always had fuckaroundability – I built the Barbelith Webzine completely within Greymatter and I seriously believe that there’s little obvious stuff at Salon that couldn’t be assembled within MT, except perhaps the pagination – and there’s probably an extension for that…