Another year, another proposal…

Another year rolls by, and with it comes (and passes) another ETCon Proposal Deadline. The afternoon of the deadline seems to be becoming nothing more than a pan-world panic proposal-writing session – with about half the people on my buddy list (many of whom I met at last year’s event) frantically trying to knock their thoughts into some vaguely coherent order before the O’Reilly Geek Gong sounds. I’d love to mention everyone’s names, but I guess it could be seen to be pretty tactless if I were to reveal just how random and unprofessional we all appear to be.

I’ve put a proposal in this year – which unfortunately isn’t about the work that Matt and I have been doing at BBC Radio and Music Interactive. In the end, although we’ve got a fair amount we’d like to say, we haven’t really been working in the area long enough to be able to feel confident in our proposals. Maybe we’ll do that next year. As to this year, we hear whether or not our papers have been accepted around the beginning of next month… Successful or not, I’ll be attending whatever happens (particularly after winning a free ticket at last year’s event). You try and keep me away.