On Joel Veitch, Cultural Icon!

I got quite a shock on the bus yesterday. As we passed Selfridges I glanced at the new window displays only to be startled by the awesome presences of Blode, a Giant Bee, a Frightened Boy and many other smiling, brightly-coloured creatures. That’s right! Joel Veitch, insane kitten manipulator of has now ascended to the status of a cultural icon. It really brings back those days colouring in crabs on Exmouth Market with only custard tarts for pay…

Joel Veitch featured in Selfridges' Windows

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Selfridges really come up with some great ideas for their windows. The one in the Trafford Centre is great but I don’t think we have Joel Veitch here yet. Must pop by after work.

Meme reaches Tesco
Following the appearance of Joel Veitch’s creations in a Selfridges window display, here’s a flat-capped no-hands kitten on a Tescos carton of milk. It undoubtably stems from the b3ta meme and Joel’s northern kittens. Who knew these memes had such…

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