Aaron Caffrey didn't break into my systems…

According to a good friend of mine, I spent a good five minutes in the Warner West End’s first-floor loo with Aaron Caffrey – a (tall, enblondened) nineteen year old who was acquitted sometime in the last few days of crashing Port of Houston computer systems. Of course, being completely out of touch with everything that’s happened in the world since I went down with the flu last week, I didn’t notice at all and looked rather blank at my friend while he explained the whole situation to me. Young Katy seemed vaguely clued up on the whole thing too. I am – it seems – out of touch.

Anyway, I can report that at no time during our lavatory-time together did Aaron attempt to break into my systems, that he does indeed fit the stereotype remarkably well and that – in unrelated news – that League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a tedious, unexceptional, bland and irritating adaptation of the Alan Moore / Kevin O’Neill comic book and that I very much don’t recommend it.

Addendum: For those of you actually looking for useful links about Aaron, you might do better here:

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The League of Boring Gentlemen
I must agree with Tom’s view on The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in that it is a rather crap film. Watching it a few days ago, it does Sean Connery no favours at all, and must be one of his…

I was – in fact – assuming they were wrong, because it was a comic book movie and they never have the slighest idea what they’re talking about when they review comic book movies.

Coincidentally, it seems I was next door at the time you were watching this movie, watching Kill Bill at Empire. It was 90 minutes of beautifully shot death and mayhem; at once breathtaking and nauseating. I didn’t like it, but would probably watch it again…
Oh and yes, LXG was dreadful, although I was hoping the special effects might make up for the crappiness of it (I saw a rather poor quality downloaded copy).

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