Oh Powerbook adventurer!

My new Powerbook was shipped way earlier than I expected and I now find myself routinely checking its progress across the world every two or three hours. It started off in Taipei – a place I’ve never been – and then travelled across the world to Luxembourg – another place I’ve never been. When we finally meet, it will be as two explorers who have explored the world – weary and ready to settle down…

 Activity  Location  Date / Time (GMT)
 Shipment Picked Up  TAIPEI, TP, TW  11 Oct 2003 01:44
 Cleared Customs  TAIPEI, TP, TW  12 Oct 2003 05:00
 Depart Terminal  TAIPEI, TP, TW  12 Oct 2003 05:35
 Arrive Terminal  LUXEMBOURG, LU, LU  14 Oct 2003 06:39
 Depart Terminal  LUXEMBOURG, LU, LU  14 Oct 2003 14:12

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Looks like the majority of it’s trip is over. Once it gets to Luxembourg TNT pick it up and its only about a day till you get it 🙂
I went through this with my iPod a few weeks ago, waiting is terrible.

I hope you’ve purchased Apple’s extended warranty. New PowerBooks have a habit of dying very quickly. Thank God I have the warranty – Apple have twice taken a laptop of mine in ‘for repair’ and simply replaced it with a new machine.

European law dictates that good must be fit for purpose when sold, and with a powerbook, I think a court would accept that that means about 5 years of reliable computing, at least. So there’s no need for an extended warranty, at least in Europe – don’t be fooled, fellow consumers!

Nice advice Aaron but I tried that method with the first PowerBook I purchased. It means extended rows with Apple, the computer disappearing for months at a time, letters being sent to a Trading Standards officer who says there’s nothing they can do, and ultimately ending up paying a great deal more to get it repaired thereafter. It’s simply not practical to take Apple to court every time a PowerBook f***s up – which is quite often. At least with the warranty you know you’ll get a new computer if anything goes horribly wrong.

well I am sorry Tom Coates that i am one of the dumb people who reached this site by google. I am a student and I ordered an ibook and it is going through the same procces. Shipment Picked Up TAIPEI, TP, TW 09 Dec 2003 11:45. That is the only info i got, now my question: “can i exspect this machine to be here on the 12 of december (this friday)?” considering that I live in belgium next to Luxembourg. Thanx in advance

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