On The Emperor's Animals…

So here’s a concept for a new Typepad weblog, inspired by the quirky and immensely pleasing post categories on a friend’s weblog. The concept is called The Emperor’s Animals and is basically a collection of funny animal links and stories from around the web. The site is designed to resemble 18th/19th Century illustrated guide to fabulous beasts and uses as post categories the The Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge typology of animals outlined in Jorge Luis Borges’ The Analytical Language of John Wilkins. Please please will someone make this. I’d read it every day! Just in case you don’t know them off-by-heart already, these categories are:

  1. belonging to the Emperor
  2. embalmed
  3. trained
  4. pigs
  5. sirens
  6. fabulous
  7. stray dogs
  8. included in this classification
  9. trembling like crazy
  10. innumerable
  11. drawn with a very fine camelhair brush
  12. et cetera
  13. just broke the vase
  14. from a distance look like flies

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