Where's the Powerbook?

Ack! My baby’s in London. But when will it arrive in my hands?!

Date Time Location Status
16 Oct 2003 07:37 London City Import Received
16 Oct 2003 04:46 London Stansted Airport Consignment Received At Transit Point
15 Oct 2003 22:25 Brussels Hub Consignment Received At Transit Point
15 Oct 2003 09:35 Brussels Hub Consignment Received At Transit Point
14 Oct 2003 21:07 Luxembourg Shipped From Originating Depot

8 replies on “Where's the Powerbook?”

At just about the point that you’ve resigned yourself to the fact that it’s never going to arrive. Just like mine did a couple of days ago!

I’m feeling for you — mine just left for repair two days ago. I’ve been staring at the clock ever since. Best of luck getting your machine (is it even fair to call them machines?) back in the very near future.

If it’s anything like the experience that I – and my commenters – have had with various delivery companies, it will make a nice Christmas/Festering (Delete as appropriate) present

While I’m everso glad it’s arrived, I must admit that I could help slightly hoping that it would prove to be Apple’s own version of, featuring regular updates about how your delivery was stranded outside Leamington Spa sorting office by a horde of marauding wildebeest. Or something.

I’m insanely jealous. In my world this isn’t fair. In the real world, you work hard and so can buy nice things, but in my world this really sucks.
/me wants a powerbook soo much.

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