More on 15" Powerbook screens…

This is probably well known by now, but according to a friend of mine who is still trying to work out whether to get the 12″ or 15″ Apple Powerbook, he’s been advised by a man he talked to at a London Apple Centre that a 15″ variety will take longer to be delivered because Apple have accepted there’s a problem with the screen getting brighter spots on it. Apparently they’ve definitely ceased production while they look into it. This is probably extremely good news for those of us who have a Powerbook with this problem, and it might explain why I have still not received my return voucher, over a week and a half after I rang them up. I’ll be checking up on this later, but I thought I should probably share the news. If anyone has more information on the subject, please feel free to add links in the comments.

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It is always advisable not to buy the first generation of an Apple Product that is manufactured overseas (er, in Taiwan, I should be more explicit) by third party manufacturers. There is always some kind of major problem (like the eMac monitor issue, the original PowerBook G4 had that issue where the batter would loose contact when the machine got warm, the new 15″ display and kernel panic issues, etc…)
Apple moved manufacturing overseas (from the US) years ago as a cost saving measure, of course in doing so they gave up tight quality control. Meanwhile the PowerMac G5 is assembled right here in California and hasn’t had the same level of issues of other first generation machines. go figure.

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