Secret Santa 2003 is launched…

So Secret Santa 2003 has launched. For those of you who are newbies, the point remains the same – you give us details of your site and your wishlist and then on December the 10th we send them out to another person elsewhere on the web who buys you a present. You get someone else’s details and buy them a present. Everyone gets a present! Everyone’s happy!

This is Santa’s third year, and Cal, Denise and I are back to serving just the weblogging / personal publishing community. It’s only right and proper given that’s the community that we’re part of and care most about. And Secret Santa has generally been a tremendous success. Over the last two years over 1,000 presents were sent out to people, promoting peace love and general loveliness all over the world – from Japan to Germany!

This year the one most obvious difference is that I’ve rewritten the copy so that the vast majority of it is now in bad poetry. I’d like to apologise to you all for this straightaway, particularly to the UI, usability and editorial professionals out there who probably won’t appreciate how hard it is to put clear instructions into groups of rhyming eight-syllable sentences and will just concentrate on the “It’s not very good” aspect of the whole enterprise…

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