More Secret Santa poetry…

Weblogger south, Weblogger north!
Come hear my tale of Christmas glee…
Which this year shall be much in rhyme
(I’m sorry and please bear with me…)

A mount so high it touches space;
Within: a massive darkened cave,
Wherein a sharp and pointy race
Of tiny elves has been enslaved…

And in the centre, Mrs Claus –
A tower of computer might
(And built for no apparent cause)
Stands passive in the candlelight.

Beside her there’s a silhouette
A disconnected robot form
Who waits each year for holidays
The chance to serve and be reborn.

But then, what’s this? The Yule alarm!?
A klaxxon sounds throughout the lair
And with a twitch, the robot’s arm
Thrusts holly fistfuls in the air!

He stands, a monster, next the flames
That every year before hath burned.
And lo! His robot voice proclaims

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Secret Santa
I am rather excited to hear, via Plasticbag, about Secret Santa ’03. I take a rather perverse delight in buying people a random thing from their wishlist (its like stalking by credit card), so I too will be a secret…

I thought that was a pretty clever poem. Did you make it upTom? I am trying to make up a poem to give my secret santa clues to who i am. Have any suggestions?

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