On the UK Webloggers Christmas Party…

I’m pretty much promoting this one to death at the moment, but just in case someone using RSS feeds to read my site has missed the enormous plug I’m giving this event on my site at the moment, there’s a UK Webloggers Christmas Party to be held in London’s fashionable Farringdon district this coming weekend. Details follow:
Venue: Downstairs at the Well
When: This coming Saturday 29th November from 7.00pm
How do you find it? There’s a helpful map!
Organised by: That lovely chap from

2 replies on “On the UK Webloggers Christmas Party…”

Thanks for that, I found out about the party only from reading your RSS feed so your plan worked.
Not sure if I can get along though, I am supposed to be celebrating at a birthday party here in Oxford. Please send my apologies.

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